Why Dove?

This is the story of how we came to have a glass dove as our logo and why we are called ‘Dove Christian Counselling’.

The story dates back to 1988 when Dove was based in Edinburgh. It is testament to how God has used Dove to help put broken lives back together and transform them into something beautiful.

The original ‘Glass Dove’ hangs in our office in Glasgow.

The Glass Dove tale

Glass dove

“they who wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength,they shall mount up with wings like eagles” (Isaiah 40:31)

The glass dove was made in September 1988 amidst God’s working in my life.

I had come to know the Lord for sure in my life and was experiencing a new peace and healing from depression. At work, a brother in Christ gave me a message from the Lord regarding my creative talents, saying, “the Lord has told me that you have to use them or lose them”.

At this, I realised how much they meant to me and, determined not to lose them, I sought the Lord as to how I could discover my talents and use them to His glory.

One night, we were awakened in the early hours by an almighty ‘crash’. As it was stormy, we put it down to the thunder and lightning, not realising till next morning that the plate glass door on the stairwell had been thrown open and smashed.

Looking at the beautiful, shattered pieces I realised that here was my opportunity to do something to God’s glory using my talents. All I had to do was arrange the pieces to make something.

Each piece of glass offered up a different possibility. I discovered what looked like the wing of a bird and became focused. I then found a breast and another wing piece. However, when I found a ‘dove tail’ the creative process really began.

I suddenly became aware that I recognised this dove. It was, in fact, the dove used on the cover of the book ‘The Holy Spirit and You’ by Dennis and Rita Bennett. On comparison, the resemblance was incredible – and I had not cut one piece of this glass.

Two further events convinced me that this had all been intended.

Firstly, unable to find a suitable piece of glass for a beak, I asked the Lord for help. The answer came “seek and you will find” – three times I did this, only finding unsuitable pieces. Then, suddenly, the thought came to me that I had not checked the door frame. I rushed downstairs and discovered with joy and amazement one solitary piece of glass left in the putty – and it fitted perfectly.

Secondly, the discovery of an eye piece was made in a very similar way. After looking, searching and praying, my attention was caught by the glint of the shining piece that was to become the dove’s eye, on the top step into my home. I can only imagine that it had been stuck to the sole of a shoe and transferred – but how convenient!

Assembled and mounted on a thin sheet of glass, the dove lay in our flat for up to two years awaiting God finding it a home.

On hearing from Gwen McDowell (now Purdie) that the Christian Counselling Services (then Dove Christian Counselling and now Dove Christian Ministries) were moving into new premises, I offered to help with regards to the printing and design of new letterheads. The ‘dove’ design came immediately to mind and my offer to gift the CCS with the glass dove was warmly accepted by Gwen and Marie.

On the day of the opening of the new premises, I realised that the glass I had mounted the pieces on was too thin and that they’d not stuck properly. They had to be removed, glued to a stronger base and framed for that evening. The dove tail wouldn’t budge however and had to be re-cut by a professional glass cutter.

The framing was done during the opening ceremony and we arrived there in the frame maker’s car! I was only greatly relieved that it stuck fast throughout and pray that it continues to do so and that it blesses others in the process.

Yours in the Lord,

God bless,


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